Definition, Functions & Benefits of UBUNTU Software

Definition, Functions & Benefits of UBUNTU Software

Hello, Alain Gonza loyal readers, Come back with us to discuss panduan dominoqq computer software. On this occasion, we will discuss one linux software that has several interesting functions, namely the UBUNTU software. What is UBUNTU? UBUNTU is an operating system and distribution from Linux based on Debian which you can get for free. Ubuntu is built on the Debian infrastructure and consists of servers, desktops, and the Linux operating system.

Since the launch of this software, UBUNTU is quite favorite and widely used by people because this operating system is very easy to install and easy to use. Then this software also has a desktop environment with a Unity desktop environment. The search tools provided are also very fast covering applications such as audio players, video players, and social media. Apart from Unity, UBUNTU also has other environments such as GNOME, XFCE, MATE, KDE, and LXDE. There are also some more specific versions of Ubuntu.

Some of you may not understand why an operating system as good as Ubuntu can be obtained for free? Actually there is a reason and the reason is that the Ubuntu company is managed and supported by funds from a large company called Canonical. Canonical itself is moving by means of commercial support that they offer to several companies to use Ubuntu. In addition, this company is also responsible for updating the latest version of Ubuntu every six months.

Reasons for Using UBUNTU Software

For those of you who don’t know why you should choose Ubuntu and what are the advantages? Here we will give some reasons for choosing Ubuntu software over other software:

  • Free
    The first reason you choose Ubuntu is FREE, so you don’t need to spend a budget to use Ubuntu software. You just need to download this software from Cannonical’s official website. Apart from being free, this software is also open-source so you can find a lot of source code and you can make system changes that are better and more comfortable to use.
  • Easy to use
    Some people think that the Linux software system is difficult to use and it is better to choose a windows based system, even though Ubuntu Linux is one of the systems that is very easy to use and quite friendly to anyone. Cannonical also always provides version updates to make the system easier and more practical to use. The fact is some Ubuntu users say that the system is easier than Ubuntu compared to windows based systems.
  • Safe to use
    Besides being easy to use, the Ubuntu system is also very safe to use and can be said to be free of viruses. Ubuntu is equipped with a firewall security system that is good enough to protect against viruses, you don’t even need to install an anti-virus anymore.
  • Easy to design
    Ubuntu is easy enough for users to design. There are lots of desktop environment options that you can use. You can even set the Ubuntu system to look like windows or any other operating system you want.
  • Get lots of features
    Through the Ubuntu operating system you can do many things through the features provided, starting from editing videos, editing documents, and much more.

Weakness Of Ubuntu System

Its name is also a free operating system, of course there are several drawbacks that you can find. Here are some of the weaknesses of the Ubuntu system:

  • It’s hard to use by ordinary people
    Ubuntu will be a little complicated for users of Windows-based systems, because the display is a little different from Windows. If you want to use the Windows design, you can, but you have to understand the ins and outs of the Ubuntu operating system more deeply.
  • Few games provided
    The games provided are still small when compared to Windows. Indeed, the problem of this game is not really considered because nowadays it has entered the shutter of online games.
  • Not too many applications
    There are fewer applications from Ubuntu if we compare it to the Windows / OS operating system. Indeed, for the matter of at least the application depends on the users themselves considering the needs of each user are different.

Types of UBUNTU Desktop Environment

For the Ubuntu operating system it has several different desktop environments, either based on usage or a certain theme. Here are some discussions about the types of desktop environments provided by Ubuntu:

  • Ubuntu GNOME
    This type of desktop environment is the default version of Ubuntu since 2017. The menu display on this type of desktop is almost the same as Mac OS X. Based on research by Ubuntu users, this desktop environment is the type most widely used and you are also you can find many videos and articles discussing this version on the Internet. However, there is one thing that you should pay attention to before using this type of desktop environment, namely your hardware specifications. Make sure you use RAM above 4GB.
  • Kubuntu
    Kubuntu is the KDE version of Ubuntu. The advantage of this type of desktop environment is its very easy setup options. You can change the modern look through this version in an easy way. The hardware specifications that you must have also don’t need to be too high, just 2GB of RAM can run Kubuntu smoothly without getting stuck.
  • Xubuntu
    Xubuntu is a desktop environment of type Xfce. This type is one of the oldest desktop environments and gives you basic design options. It looks less attractive, but you don’t need to have high hardware specifications. Enough with 1GB of RAM, you can use this desktop environment.
  • Lubuntu
    Actually, the Xubuntu and Lubuntu desktop environments are not much different, they are made with a simpler system. This version is relatively light and has a similar appearance to Windows XP.
  • Ubuntu Unity
    Prior to Ubuntu GNOME, Ubuntu Unity was made the default version of Ubuntu for the first time. The interface provided by Ubuntu Unity is also very good so you don’t need to change its appearance or reconfigure this system.

Those are some types of desktop environments that exist in Ubuntu. How? Are you interested? If you are interested, you can download the Ubuntu system via this link. This UBUNTU system is version 18.04 and you will get free support until April 2023. It is perfect for those of you who don’t like continuous software updates.

This is the information we share about the UBUNTU Linux Operating System. Hopefully add to your insight about operating system software and can answer your questions about UBUNTU. Keep up with other interesting information about UBUNTU and if you have further questions, you can immediately write your question in the comments column that has been provided. thanks.

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